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Mivtzah Tefillin

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  • Tefillin Stand - Self Service

    Tefillin Stand - Self Service

    Out of stock

    TefillIN, the innovative, intuitive, user-friendly Tefillin stand, allows every Jew everywhere to put on Tefillin with elegance and ease. Connect YourselfWe live in a fragmented world. People want to connect, to unite, to bond. The Creator gifted us with a binding element. Tefillin – binding people, binding worlds, binding hearts and minds. HAVE A HIGH TRAFFIC STORE? REQUEST ONE NOW Material: AluminumStand Height: 36 inches Top: 11 x 16 inches See Sample Here

    Out of stock


  • Sale -25% Mivtzoim Bag

    Mivtzoim Bag

    Personal carrying case for Mivtza Tefillin. Convenient to use, it contains dedicated storage compartments for Tefillin, Tzedakah Pushka, Krias Shema and more


  • Tefillin Stand - Tabletop ONLY!

    Tefillin Stand - Tabletop ONLY!

    Out of stock

    The New Tefillin stand in an artistic tefillin design, to be placed in businesses, public places and Chabad houses. Serves as a self sufficient Tefillin Stand with a secure storage compartment to place the tefillin, and doubles as a tzedakah box. This is an excellent way to harness business owners, those holding a position in a business or other public position, to place the stand in a prominent location at their offices and thus be m'zakeh many others to put on Tefillin. Material: Aluminum Tabletop: 11 x 16 inches See Sample Here

    Out of stock


  • Play Tefillin


  • Sale -33%

    Tefillin How- To Guide

    Tefillin How- To Guide


  • Rhinestone Crafts - Tefillin

    Rhinestone Crafts - Tefillin

    Rhinestone Crafts - Tefillin


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