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  • Mivtzoim Brochures

    Mivtzoim Brochures

    Brochures for each of the Rebbe's 12 Mivtzoim. To view brochures, click here: Tefillin Mezuzah Tzedakah Shabbat Candles A House Full of Torah Books Love Sefer Torah Kosher Learning Torah Moshiach Jewish Education Mikvah

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  • Mivtzoim Brochures - Hebrew

    Mivtzoim Brochures - Hebrew

    ""Brochures for each of the Rebbe's 12 Mivtzoim""


  • Sale -33% Tefillin How- To Guide

    Tefillin How- To Guide

    Tefillin How- To GuideClick here for PDF Sample


  • Shema - Large Format - Hebrew

    Shema - Large Format - Hebrew

    A convenient Kriat Shema brochure for reading and using for MivtzoyimSee Sample Here


  • Rebbe Magazine


  • Jewish Burial Traditions

    Jewish Burial Traditions

    Jewish Burial Traditions and Views on Cremation   Sample: http://www.shluchim.org/content/img/files/KosherBurialSample.pdf


  • Moment of Silence Booklet

    Moment of Silence Booklet

    24 Page Booklet 6" x 6" Produced by: Levi A. Reiter, Ph.D. Click here for sample “MOMENT OF SILENCE”-- FILLING IN THE GAPS Levi A. Reiter, Ph.D. Why is there an essential need for a new booklet on the Moment of Silence? Isn’t it already known by Lubavitcher Chassidim, shluchim, and others that the Rebbe wants children in public schools to have a Moment of Silence, of contemplation before beginning their day? If that is the sum total of the Rebbe’s request then it would seem sufficient for Congress to mandate a short delay before beginning classes so that children have a moment to think in silence. In fact, several states have already succeeded in obtaining such mandates and more are on the way. If this is already happening, then indeed why publish a new booklet on the subject? I trust the following piece will answer this question. CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTMENTS ARE IMPORTANT, BUT NOT SUFFICIENT I begin with a Yasher koach to shuchim and askonim who have worked to obtain congressional mandates for the MOMENT OF SILENCE policy in public schools. However a key ingredient which the Rebbe requested still needs to be addressed. This is parental involvement. A public school principal may require classes to begin with a moment of silence, but what thoughts will the students be thinking of as the seconds tick by? The Rebbe required that parental cooperation be enlisted to encourage productive and wholesome thinking during those 60 seconds. For example, be kind to your classmates, respect your friend’s property, etc. It is precisely the parental aspect which must be filled in. Congress can indeed mandate public school policy. Congress can never mandate that parents cooperate in the venture. To this end a booklet is now available, entitled, “MOMENT OF SILENCE IN OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS: A CALL TO ALL PARENTS”. The booklet is entertaining, colorfully illustrated, and easy to read. It includes examples of thoughts to ponder in 60 seconds, as well as touching hand-written letters of public schoolers praising their own moment of silence program, and telling how it helped them in so many ways. Most of all, the booklet will show parents how valuable their own personal role with the Moment of Silence experience will be in benefitting their children’s success in school and in life. Even in states without a congressional mandate, a booklet of this kind can encourage parents who recognize the benefits and wisdom of the “moment of silence” to take it to their own public school PTA meetings, or even to their congress person. These are the reasons why in addition to the great work put forth by our shluchim and askonim a booklet is needed which emphasizes the parents’ vital participation in the Moment of Silence campaign.


  • 7 Points of Light

    7 Points of Light

    • Written by Rabbi Lazer Gurkow• Published & © Chabad of Montana• Full Color 12 page booklet (5.5 x 8.5)• To Customize, visit SpotlightXpress.com View Sample Here


  • What to Expect at Chabad - Generic

    What to Expect at Chabad - Generic

    What to Expect at Chabad is a booklet about 10 facts/myths about Chabad. Created by Rabbi Yossi Yaffe of Chabad of the ShorelineSee Mailer Sample Here See Square Sample Here 


  • Bris Mila Brochure


  • Sale -50% Rebbe Magazine - Hebrew

    Rebbe Magazine - Hebrew

    This magazine gives a brief introduction to the character of the Rebbe, his work and his way of enlightening thousands of Jews throughout the world


  • Sale -56% Pidiyon HaBen Booklet

    Pidiyon HaBen Booklet

    Pidiyon HaBen Booklet


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