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  • ONE: A Universal Code

    ONE: A Universal Code

    The Book that's changing the world One brings you the little booklet with the big answers. In one neat, beautifully simple book, you’ll discover the universal laws and conducts that can create a better, more harmonious world for those who live in it.31 Page Softcover BookletSize: 4.13 in x 5.83 in Available for download in other languages:English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.Visit oneuniversalcode.org for more details.


  • Plush Tzedakah Man

    Plush Tzedakah Man

    Meet your new favorite plushy pal - the Plush Tzedakah Man! This huggable and lovable Freind is not only adorable, but also serves as a reminder to give back and do good in the world. Perfect for all ages, this soft and cuddly toy is a playful way to spread kindness and generosity. Dimensions:Hight: 11'Width: 8'Depth: 4'  

    $8.00 - $66.00

  • Plastic Washing Cup

    Plastic Washing Cup

    Judaica Wash Cup is designed with dual handles and embossed with the words "על נטילת ידים". Made of durable plastic.

    $3.50 - $5.00

  • Plush Mezuzah Girl

    Plush Mezuzah Girl

    Unleash joy and cuteness with the Plush Mezuzah Girl! This cuddly toy is a perfect addition to any playtime adventure, Let this cute character bring a smile to your little one's face. You won't be able to resist giving her a hug (or two)!  Dimensions: Hight 11'Width 5'Depth 5'

    $7.00 - $54.00

  • Build a Plush Tzedakah Man

    Build a Plush Tzedakah Man

    Embark on a playful journey with our Build a Plush Tzedakah Man! This whimsical kit allows you to create your own adorable Tzedakah Man stuffed toy.  Stuffing NOT included Stuffing Needed:Stuffing needed for 12 Pack: 12 BagsStuffing needed for 48 Pack: 48 Bags

    $54.00 - $192.00

  • Build a Plush Mezuzah

    Build a Plush Mezuzah

    Embark on a playful journey with our Build a Plush Mezuzah Man! This whimsical kit allows you to create your own adorable Mezuzah Girl stuffed toy.  Stuffing NOT Included Stuffing Needed:Build A Mezuzah Girl 12 Pack: 8 BagsBuild A Mezuzah Girl 48 Pack: 32 Bags

    $48.00 - $168.00

  • Neshek Kit - 24 Pack

    Neshek Kit - 24 Pack

    Neshek Kit - 24 Pack Includes: 24 Neshek Kits with 2 Tealights


  • Neshek Box - 100 Pack


  • Mivtzoim Brochure Display

    Mivtzoim Brochure Display

    Mivtzoim Brochure Display This center proudly displays the 12 Mivtzoim brochures in an attractive manner.Display Top NOT INCLUDEDTops are available as "Welcome to Chabad Jewish Center" "Welcome to Chabad Lubavitch"The actual display dimensions without the top are 30”W x 5” 1/2D x 24”H. With the top add another 16” 1/2 in the height.


  • TeaLights - 50 Pack


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